Get Cash Before Your Lawsuit is Settled!

Pre-Settlement funding, hassle free!

Pre Settlement Funding

Medical Bills

Need funds to pay your medical bills? Let us take the pain of worry away.

Personal Injury Victims


Behind on your Mortgage or Rent? Have peace of mind so there is no fear of late fees or foreclosure.

Non Recourse Settlement Funding

Household Bills

Behind on your utilities? Need groceries for your family? Stop stressing and contact us today!

Pre Settlement Funding

Car Payment/Repairs

Need your vehicle for everyday life? We can help to keep you on time with payments and needed repairs.

Pre-settlement Funding

Are you worried about not having enough money to support your family until your personal injury lawsuit is won or settled? Cash advances for settlements (also called pre-settlement funding) can help you and your family remain financially stable while waiting for compensation. At Injury Cash Now, you can depend on us to help you pay the bills, buy groceries, or other necessities for your household.

Insurance companies can try to delay and drag out court cases in the effort to make you settle for less than what you deserve. At Injury Cash Now, we believe that our clients should get their fair compensation for serious injuries.

What is pre-settlement funding?

It is important to know that a pre-settlement fund is not a loan. This means that you owe us nothing if you lose your case. Banks and credit unions don’t offer financial assistance when the only collateral you have to offer is a potential lawsuit award. At Injury Cash Now, we believe in helping those who would benefit the most from our financial assistance.

How can I receive pre-settlement funding?

We can give you financial relief within 48 hours of completing our online application and providing sufficient documentation. You must be already working with an attorney to benefit from our pre-settlement funding service.

If you are in need of our pre-settlement funding service, please do not hesitate to contact our office at 855-620-2079. At Injury Cash Now, we make it our mission to help clients remain financially secure while waiting to win or settle their court case.