Pre-Settlement Funding

Warren, Michigan Pre-Settlement Funding

If you are waiting to receive compensation from a personal injury case, you may be interested in pre-settlement funding through Injury Cash Now. This option allows you to retain financial security while waiting for the results of your case.

Pre-settlement funding is different from borrowing from a credit card company or bank. With Injury Cash Now, there is No Risk! If you lose your case, you don't have to pay us back.

To qualify for pre-settlement funding, all you have to do is fill out our application and provide the necessary documentation. If approved, we will sign a purchase agreement, which will give us the right to an agreed-upon portion of your case's proceeds should you win. In return, you can expect cash within 48 hours.

With many personal injury cases, the plaintiff is often too injured to resume work. Unfortunately, this doesn't mean that the bills and other household expenses stop. Getting the compensation you deserve can take months, or even years. For financial security, call Injury Cash Now today.

You can reach our Sterling Heights office at (855) 620-2079 for any questions or concerns. Our financial assistance team is always happy to help.