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Pre Settlement Funding

Medical Bills

Need funds to pay your medical bills? Let us take the pain of worry away.

Personal Injury Victims


Behind on your Mortgage or Rent? Have peace of mind so there is no fear of late fees or foreclosure.

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Household Bills

Behind on your utilities? Need groceries for your family? Stop stressing and contact us today!

Pre Settlement Funding

Car Payment/Repairs

Need your vehicle for everyday life? We can help to keep you on time with payments and needed repairs.

Pre-Settlement Funding Southfield MI

The pre-settlement funding experts at Injury Cash Now provide financial compensation to individuals faced with a personal injury case. With one simple application, you are able to find financial relief from your medical bills and other household expenses while you wait on the settlement of your personal injury lawsuit.

At Injury Cash Now, we provide individuals with financial compensation for the following situations:

At Injury Cash Now, we understand that personal injury lawsuit often indicate that the individual is unable to continue working. Pre-settlement funding is not a financial loan, but rather provides individuals or with lawsuit funding or a cash advance for settlements helping families stay financial stable while they wait for the compensation they deserve.

The Southfield MI financial assistance experts at Injury Cash Now differs from banks and credit unions because they provide cash advances while still maintaining a high level of excellent yet fast customer service for all their clients. Also, unlike banks and credits unions, if you lose your personal injury lawsuit then you owe Injury Cash NowM nothing!

If you are need financial assistance during your personal injury case, please do not hesitate to call our Southfield MI pre-settlement funding group at (855) 620-2079. Our Southfield MI financial assistance experts has helped out countless people just like you reclaim financial stability during stressful times.