What We Fund

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Auto Accidents

Auto accident cases can drag on for months, or even years. However, not all plaintiffs can afford to wait for the financial compensation they deserve. Luckily, there's a better option than going into credit card debt or borrowing money from banks until your case is resolved. Injury Cash Now has been helping out people just like you stay financially secure during their personal injury case. Get cash now for your auto accident injury →

General Negligence

General negligence refers to any situation where the other party had the responsibility and opportunity to act appropriately to prevent the injury, but failed to do so. If either you or a loved one is injured due to general negligence, please do not hesitate to contact a personal injury lawyer to represent your case. Get cash now for your general negligence injury →

Dog Bites

Have you or a loved one recently been bitten by a dog, resulting in serious injury? If so, you’ve probably been struggling with paying medical bills or other expenses related to your dog bite injury. Get cash now for your dog bite injury →

Medical Malpractice

Waiting for the results of your medical malpractice lawsuit can make you vulnerable to accepting settlements that don’t fully compensate you for your pain and suffering. When you talk to one of our knowledgeable and compassionate staff, they can help you through the application process for pre-settlement funding. Get cash now for your medical malpractice injury →

Slip & Fall

Have you or a loved one recently slipped and fell on someone else’s property, resulting in serious injury? If so, you may have been having difficulty paying for medical expenses, rehabilitation, and even household expenses during your slip and fall lawsuit. Get cash now for your slip and fall accident injury →